"When I dare to be powerful- to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." -Audre Lorde

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

To register for this 200 Hour Mentorship & Yoga Teacher Training and for questions, please email Laurie at laurie.threadsofyoga@gmail.com.

Client Testimonials:

Sessions with Amy have helped bring so much clarity to my life, during such crucial times. Amy has the ability to help people tap into their Truths and help uncover the root of many issues.
— K.S, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist & Clothing Designer
In her coaching, Amy seeks to guide you home to your authentic ground of being. She brings penetrating insight, wisdom and a fierce commitment to truth to her practice. Through deep listening and inquiry she compassionately turns light on dark corners, helping to identify obstacles that are blocking flow. If you are serious about getting clear and getting clean, Any will be a fearless and faithful guide and companion.
— Mary McDermott, Yoga Teacher, Saudi Arabia
I was in therapy for almost 3 years, my life was spinning out of control and I was along for the ride. After each session I was a weeping mess, reliving past hurts and current wounds. Never understanding how to move through the pain into some kind of understanding or acceptance. Several months ago I began my path of yoga. My first challenge was to learn to breath. Then as my body responded to the practice I learned I did not have to understand everything in order to let go. And through private sessions with Amy, I have been able to recognize beliefs I held that were not healthy or true. In one session with Amy, more was revealed to me than my many years in therapy. I am grateful to have the courage to practice and to my teacher, and friend, for guiding me into self acceptance.
— Dedicated Student