A call to Rise
Can you imagine a world of Empaths that have fully Awakened?
The world as we know it would have no choice but to change. 
Compassion instead of hatred and division
We have an opportunity to make a difference
You are not alone, and there is a reason you are here.

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The Cost of the 3 month Immersion is $895.00-$1080.00 this is on a sliding scale. If you would like to attend and need to make financial  arrangements & payments in order to attend  please reach out to Laurie  our  Student Administrator  at  laurie.threadsofyoga@gmail.com or threadsofyoga118@gmail.com

You are also welcome to call with questions 207-650-7708


Here is what people are experiencing:

My personal journey Spring 2017:

Being a very private person is a difficult path that one leads thinking that life is just full of roses and when I walked in the “Threads of Yoga” studio just for a session last winter I was curious of a poster that was hung on the wall. It was a poster for the Spring Everyday Holy Intentional Living Embracing Our Sacred Self 2017 that was being held by Amy Figoli.

I thought “WOW” I could do that because I just survived my way through one yoga session. Not knowing that I would have to go down another path in my life, looking deep into this new path of my behaviors was scary, being honest was scary, soul searching was scary, finding my strength as a woman again was scary, but I knew that I deeply knew that I wanted myself back. I questioned Amy a couple of times, my monkey mind was questioning her too, but she reassured me that I could do this personal journey.

It was a path of personal thorns that I stumbled through for many weeks. I tried to understand the yoga terminology, I tried to understand why everyone seemed so happy, I just tried…. But I kept coming back every week, for some reason I just kept coming back. I connected with wonderful people and realized my path was just the same as theirs.

A path of being a strong woman, a path of happiness, a path of giggling again, and a path of just being. No matter how private you are; you are held in a sacred space inside of the Threads of Yoga Studio.

To this day I feel so blessed to have found the Threads of Yoga Studio in Bridgton, Maine. But more I have been so blessed to find my way to be that strong woman I once was a year ago!
— Jill Flagg
Having participated in several intensive programs at the Threads of Yoga, I can certify without a doubt that saying yes to each individual immersion has been the best decision I ever made. They provide opportunity to learn innumerable tools for application towards a healthier, more balanced and spiritual life. Beyond the value of the coursework, I am immensely grateful for the community that has and continues to support my personal growth. Amy is a highly skilled, perceptive and empathetic teacher, mentor and friend. Her unique programs provide safe passage on the path of reaching our highest potential by challenging us to step in and practice yoga on and off the mat. Yoga is more than just doing the poses…it is a way of life. Amy’s intensives provide a doorway into this exciting and enriching world. So looking forward to the next one!
— Laurie Chadbourne
I would highly recommend Amy’s Intensive workshop. I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend three of them. The Intensive is structured in such a way that you will feel totally supported and accepted with compassion and confidentiality. Amy provides the tools, peaceful environment, and structure along with a subtle support to help you experience the opportunity for self inquiry, self discipline and self enrichment which has the potential to be life changing! I feel that I have become a much more confident individual and I have much more self esteem and live my life with more appreciation and self awareness.
— Cindy Murphy
Going into the Intensive I was especially nervous about sharing. But once it started the misgivings quickly evaporated. Amy does a great job of creating a comfortable, safe space that is totally free of judgement. Everyone in the Sangha is so supportive. I feel like I made a new circle of friends for life. This experience will help me in my personal and business relationships. Even after 60 years on this planet I discovered new truths about myself and ways to get out of the ruts I have found myself stuck in for decades. It’s never too late for a little self-examination. It was intense and emotional at times, but there was plenty of laughter, too. Amy knew just when to ease off the throttle and add light touches. For me it was a life-altering experience. I learned many powerful lessons that I will carry with me to make my remaining years richer and more meaningful. I would recommend an Intensive for anyone!
— Jeff
I am a 67-year old male that recently attended “Loving Yourself Enough to Heal”. My purpose for attending this Intensive Path was to better prepare myself for a future surgical procedure. My aim was to be stronger – stronger physically, stronger emotionally and stronger mentally. The eight-week program met these objectives and then some. The surgery occurred within a week of finishing the program. Within 12-hours of the surgery, I was up walking and I was discharged the next day. It went well beyond my original objectives and has provided me with a new practice that benefits me on a daily basis. I am thankful that I took advantage of this unique opportunity. It is without hesitation that I endorse and recommend this program. Amy is a gifted guide and teacher. I particularly noticed how she tailored the assignments to each individual participant. Her sage advice continues with me today and I expect well into the future.
— Bill Bent
I started doing yoga almost 2 years ago and it changed my life in a very positive way. Then I recently took it one step further and joined Amy’s fall intensive. This ended up being one of the best things I ever did for myself. Amy has the ability to get to know each person at a very deep, personal level. She is able to provide you with reading material and a plan that is customized to your individual needs. She helps you to learn what is prohibiting your ability to grow as a person, and then to find ways to move into a much better place in life. The support system in these intensives is incredible. Not only from Amy, but from all the others you are in the session with. I have made many new friends that I know will be a part of my life forever. The closeness we all share is like no other. I highly recommend not only oing yoga with Amy, but also joining one of her intensives and start moving your life into a more positive direction. You will not regret it.
— Robin Dole
I recently did the 8 week intensive “Loving Yourself Enough to Heal”, It was an amazing journey and I learned so much about yoga, nutrition, meditation and myself...and the bonus was that I met so many wonderful local people! As a recent transplant to rural Maine from Southern New England, I was afraid that I wouldn’t find a yoga class or teacher to suit my needs. In Southern New England, there are so many yoga studios to choose from, and even though there are a lot of options in Portland, I wasn’t too keen about driving to Portland for classes a few times a week. I tried the Maine Yoga House and felt like “I came home”! Amy Figoli is a GEM in the Bridgton area! I have been doing yoga for years and I feel better, in my mid 60s, than I did in my 30s! It truly keeps me young...I don’t even think about my age anymore, because I feel so good and it enables me to do all the things I love, like hiking, skiing, snowshoeing.
— Carol B
I have taken classes at The Yoga House with Amy for 3 1/2 years and took my first yoga intensive with her 3 years ago. The intensive was an amazing, challenging, and life-changing experience. Through the process of the intensive I became more proficient at the asana ( poses ), which most people associate with yoga, but was also encouraged to examine my emotional and spiritual well-being. I found that, for me, just like Anais Nin said, “the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. I was empowered to explore parts of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually that I would never have explored on my own because I didn’t think I was capable, was afraid to address them, or just didn’t believe they existed. I am a different person than I was 3 years ago, dedication and guidance in my studies of yoga, facilitated by Amy. I would enourage anyone who is curious about the yogic life to consider enrolling in the Spring intensive. If you stay open to the possibilities, it could be a life-changing experience for you too.
— Dr. Deb Surrette
I am currently participating in my second Path of Practice Intensive. The first session helped me develop more discipline with my diet and commit to 5 yoga classes a week. I love the weekend sessions where we share our experiences as a group and learn from each other. I decided to continue in a second intensive to dive deeper, uncover negative patterns in my life and continue to make improvements. Amy is an amazing mentor and offers incredible insight to help you become more aware of your thoughts and actions. If you are looking for a way to breakthrough your emotional and physical blocks you will find the answers in the Path of Practice intensives.
— Sandra Beaulieu, Dressage Clinician & Equine Artist