Welcome, Namaste

Friends, please take into consideration when arriving be prompt at least 10 minutes prior to practice. If you are signing up online, please plan on coming 10 minutes early as well to settle in. Arriving 1-2 minutes prior to class is disruptive for the others students. And enter into a full class may not be possilbe.

We do lock our doors promptly at the start of class.  
No late entries will be granted. Your promptness is greatly appreciated.

  • Please, follow the guidance of the teacher. Refrain from breaking out into your own practice.

  • We do ask all items, to include purses and wallets are left in the reception area.

  • Please silence your phone before entering the class.

  • NO Drinks other than water are allowed in the studio area. 

  • Once you enter the Yoga Studio area please stay silent.  Talking is permitted in the gathering space.

  • If you are new to the studio please allow time to meet with the teacher and discuss any injuries you are working with.

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. If you are running late you may not be able to enter the class if it is full.   If you are new to the studio and have not had the opportunity to speak with the teacher you will need to come to the following class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am overweight or out of shape?

Be patient and give yourself time. Start with the gentle Vinyasa practice, and also allow yourself some time to ease into the practice by listening to your body and doing what you can. The hardest part of the practice is getting yourself to the mat.

I am new to the practice, what do I need to know?

Take a look at the website and see what times and classes fit your schedule and your lifestyle. Also if you have any questions you can always call 207-650-7708. Also it would be beneficial to read the studio etiquette before coming to a yoga studio for the first time. Click here to visit the Studio Etiquette page.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in. Please refrain from short shorts.

How many times a week should I come?

If you could come at least twice a week that would be great. If you come come 3-4 times a week that would be ideal.

What if class is canceled?

Please check Facebook on the home page of this website, it will also be posted on the class schedule.

Do I need my own mat?

We have everything you need at no charge.

Things to know before coming to class:

Please do not eat at least 2 hours before class.
Please drink plenty of water throughout the day, so you are properly hydrated before coming to class.
If you have any injuries, please share this information with the teacher prior to class.
If you have any injuries, this is your responsibility to inform us and share with the teacher leading the practice prior to the start of class.  

My view of life has widened and deepened since I expanded my yoga practice to include private sessions with Amy. Trouble spots, valleys, rough water - I’ve discovered I don’t need to face them alone and confounded. Amy is able to guide me through a tune-up or if I am turned completely inside out. Her intuition and understanding are borne of life experiences along with a committed study of the human condition. Amy can adjust her perspective according to information provided or perceived and can see beyond words.