January 2019- BEYOND ASANA !!!

A Mini Immersion with Amy  - Saturdays from 12:30 -3:00 

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Saturday 5th - Foundations of Yoga
Meditation, Chants & Philosophy and Practice. 
We will become familiar with a few basic chants I bring into every class.  Mediation is explored and we discuss the importance of settling before moving. The Philosophy of Yoga offers an understanding of why do you feel called to practice  Yoga, and why I do not offer Yoga as a workout.  The importance and of Self inquiry and we also explore the tenets of Yoga the Yamas & Nyamas. 

Saturday 12th- 26 Primary Poses
Learn the basics. I work the basics a great deal in each of my classes.  We will spend time in this class understanding sequencing and learn the how and why we prepare the body for the Apex Pose. 

Saturday 19th - Twisting & Standing Series
Moving through Flow, HOW & WHY I sequence for a healthy class. Learn the value of longer holds and the power of self-inquiry in a practice. Why less, can feel like more!

Saturday 26th - Inversions
Working with Inversions and Awareness.  Play with safety and feel confident in going up.  I work Inversions in every class I teach and if you have experienced my classes you know we work slowly and with proper preparation.  

 Inversions are uplifting and when done properly can be a great deal of fun! 

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1-All four Workshops 
 + monthly unlimited classes 

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2- All four workshops 

+unlimited classes 
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3)- All four workshops 
** 75 min Private
** Unlimited classes for one month
** Enhance Your Program-AND receive individual attention in the classroom with Amy. This includes Personal attention in each class you attend
Value $675 / Cost is $575

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